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Carolyn Waters Singer/Songwriter: SPECIAL PROGRAMS

Available For Special Events/Workshops/Conferences - January 16, 2014

I have been an active participant in events that support non profit, social service and child focused training organizations for over a decade. Whether as an actress, vocalist, writer, volunteer or organizer I am committed to supporting and promoting positive social change and healing thru music and creativity.  

If you are interested in having me perform at an upcoming conference, workshop or special event please click on the 'Booking Link' and fill in the contact form!

Thank You!

Churches: Programs/ Performances/Workshops - January 15, 2014

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Carolyn grew up seated in the choir loft of a church where music played an integral part of her spiritual exploration and development.   While it wasn’t until later that she found her true voice, she spent years surrounded by powerful voices that conveyed strength, heritage, history and a sense of community and purpose.

It is in this spirit that Carolyn has developed programs that are perfect for churches of all denominations, with various musical styles including spirituals, hymns, gospel and secular selections which promote positive social change. 

Programs (which allow for solo performances, work with choirs and/or congregations) include:

Spiritual Music: Focusing on the wide breadth of music that offers strength, direction and meaning from every musical sources.

Gospel Music Program/Selections: Including discussion of the history and development of gospel music within the African American community and/or just musical selections incorporated into a church service.

Music That Promotes Positive Social Change: Focusing on songs that address today’s social issues.


What People Are Saying:

"Carolyn Waters is a force of nature.  Some people are simply created to sing and bless those who listen, Carolyn is one of those people". 

Rev. Robert Jones, Sr.  
Blues/Roots Musician/Blues Historian



Healing Through Music and Creativity - January 14, 2014

Carolyn believes that music, art and creativity heal.  It allows one to look for and develop strength from within whether it is through songwriting, singing, poetry, dancing, creative writing, acting, journaling, painting, sketching or even yodeling!  By whatever means creativity can be cathartic, empowering and can put one on a course of self-discovery.  This certainly has been the case for Carolyn.  She welcomes opportunities to come out and speak with women about tapping into their own sources of creativity and to hopefully help them begin their own journeys. 


You Gotta Break Away - January 8, 2014

Inspired by my work with various domestic violence organizations over the years I wanted to write a song of support.  I took a couple of years, but my efforts ended in with the song "You Gotta Break Away".  This song was an urging for those who found themselves in abusive situations to take charge, take steps, seek help, and to 'break away'.

Since writing 'You Gotta Break Away' I have been sharing it at vigils, conferences and other forums which address this vital concern.  I have been touched not only by the emotional responses to the song by vigil and conference attendees, but most especially by the many women who have shared their stories  and personal experiences with me after hearing it.  I am proud to say that it is now being used in women's domestic violence work groups as a way to help and encourage women to take that next step.   

 You Gotta Break Away
Carolyn Waters ©2009

He wounds, he mars he doesn’t hit, but still he leaves the scars

He stabs, he hones he breaks the spirit down, but not the bones

He waits, he shames her life is hell, but he says she’s the blame

She hides, she cries she sits and watches as the world goes by

She craves, she dreams she wishes he was truly what he seemed

She feels no song the music in her life is all but gone


You gotta break away fly above and never let the hate replace the love
Take a chance, make it real You gotta let it go so you can heal

They hoped, dreamed clear they thought that they could make it through the years

Things changed, went wrong life happened and the strife outweighed the strong

Then hate, so strong a heavy burden where their hearts belonged

You gotta break away fly above and never let the hate replace the love
Take a chance, make it real You gotta let it go so you can heal

 You gotta break away


What People Are Saying:

"Carolyn's beautiful voice and spirit have been an inspiration to all who have had the pleasure of being in the audience! Thank you so much for all that you are and all that you have contributed on behalf of the work we do."


Jacquelin Apsler Executive Director Domestic Violence Services Network

"You Gotta Break Away is a message of hope and encouragement to women in abusive relationships. Carolyn’s compassion and tenderness is felt in every beautiful note she sings.  On behalf of all the women at our conference thank you so much for your gracious presence and your amazing voice!."


Linda Zimmerman, Women-Speak Conference

Over Troubled Skies - January 7, 2014

In the Spring of 2012, I was writing new material for my upcoming cd "On The Verge".  The year before I had gone to see the movie "The Help" and was very much moved by the scene between the maid Aibileen and her charge Mae.  Each morning Aibileen would say to Mae:  You Are Kind, You Are Smart and You Are Important.  She would have the emotionally negelected and abused little girl repeat each phrase in turn as a way of reminding her that she mattered.  At the time I took out my notebook and wrote down those words because I thought what a great message to get out there in the world. 

As I was in the process of composing a song that included that message, the nightly news played in the background and a story caught my attention.  It was the story of a teen who had committed suicide that day due to bullying.  It was the third or fourth such story I had heard or read about in the past month.  In that moment, I knew what the song should be and who it should be for.  Over Troubled Skies was born in an attempt to let those kids know that they matter!  They matter, that they have so much to offer and that they should never give up.


Over Troubled Skies

Every where you look, people put you down,

Try to take your dreams, grind them in the ground

When you want to scream, cause the days are cold

Seems you’re losing your grip, you’ve lost your hold

You find the word friend, is just a ploy

For those who are small, who want to destroy

You open your heart, lay it on the line

It’s torn to pieces, no reason, nor rhyme


Well Remember, Just Remember….
You are kind, you are wise
With a heart that’s bigger than the open skies
People take from you; try to make you small (small, small)
But don’t you ever forget
That you can fly, fly, fly
Over troubled skies

You may find you differ in this big world,

No one to stand beside as the hurt unfurls

All you see is hopelessness, gray gray skies

You want to back away and close your eyes

But I’ll pick you up; I’ll pick you up…
You are kind, you are wise
With a heart that’s bigger than the open skies
People take from you; try to make you small (small, small)
 I’ll help you fly, fly, fly
Help you fly, fly, fly
Help you fly, fly, fly
Over troubled skies
Carolyn Waters ©2012

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